The Cloud

With all of this talk about putting your business in the cloud, we will help you make some sense of it all. The cloud is no new mysterious thing, it has been around as long as computer networks. It is just now a lot easier to connect people to their data, when it lives somewhere else. Any remote program, file, or database that is not on your computer or in-house server, is considered to be in "The Cloud". This could be a server you own in another office location, or server space that you pay someone else for.
For a business this can have its advantages and disadvantages. Here is one advantage that may not be so obvious.
Financially most of your technology budget usually would go towards large Capital Expenses. This could be servers to run your programs and save your data, or programs to run your business. With the cloud, you can now pay subscriptions for services, to use someone else's servers and disk space. Also a lot of software is now distributed through subscription based services. This allows you to change those large Capital Expenses, that you usually had to depreciate, to Operating Expenses.
There are many other items to consider when utilizing the cloud. We will analyze your current network and make recommendations for what features of the cloud will benefit your individual organization. In some cases we might utilize another office location, to create your own private "Cloud". Here are a couple of those "Cloud" services that benefit most of the businesses out there.