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Planned E-Mail Changes

Please read this completely, this will effect how your e-mail messages are received. If you are not currently using Office 365 or our SPAM filtering service, these changes will not be implemented. We recently have seen an increase in e-mail spoofing causing problems for customers. A spammer sends out a blast of e-mail’s using your

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Is your website secure?

We do not maintain your website, but we want to make sure all aspects of your business are secure. In the past https was only needed to keep online transactions secure or personal information being entered on your site. Starting in July Google will be requiring all sites to be secure using https. This requires

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Thanks for your donations

The UNITE for Bleeding Disorders walk was a huge success on Saturday. Thank you for all of your generous donations to help with the cause. The Boston walk had 1561 total participants that raised a total of $314,919 for the New England Hemophilia Association. This well exceeded their $240,000 goal. Tuck’s Team included $2,660 to

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2018 UNITE Walk is June 9th

Click Here to Donate Now Implied Networks is again proud to be walking with Tuck’s Team in the annual Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk at Prowse Farm in Canton, Ma. This is  a fundraising event to support the New England Hemophilia Association. Inherited bleeding disorders are a life-long condition. Currently there is no cure, but scientists

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Trusted Email Messages From Office 365

Recently we have seen a number of different phishing messages trying to look like they are coming from Office 365. Please see the examples below and make sure to ignore and delete any message you are not sure of. If in doubt, you always can log directly into your Office 365 account to see if

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Trusted Email Messages From Us

Recently it appears we are seeing some issues with customers receiving our responses to support tickets that have been created in our system. This is usually related to the receiving persons SPAM filtering settings. We have made recent changes for all of our customers using Office 365 for their e-mail, or using our SPAM filtering

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Computer Equipment Disposal & Recycling

We are frequently asked how to dispose of old computers and other electronic equipment. We are a strong believer in disposing of this equipment properly. We recently have spoken to the Aurum Recovery Group out of Goffstown NH. They provide environmental friendly recycling services. They are a large enough company to handle all of your

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ThreatTrack VIPRE EndPoint Security

Implied Networks continues to stand behind the effectiveness of the ThreatTrack Security VIPRE Anti-Virus products. They have recently released their new EndPoint Security product, that goes along with their existing Business and Business Premium products. Every network has different needs. Our first recommendation is always having proper gateway protection along with the client protection of VIPRE Anti-Virus. The new EndPoint

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Windows 10 Has Arrived – Are you ready?

Microsoft released the new Windows platform to the public yesterday, Windows 10. They are claiming it is already installed on over 14 million machines through the free upgrade. You may have seen other insights to how it looks or the changes made. I just thought I would present you with our experience and changes you will find.

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