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Laptop/Chromebook Delays Continue

We continue to see large delays in the availability of affordable laptop and chromebook models. Our orders we have on back order continue to get pushed further out. We are working hard with our distributors to still give our customers the best possible deals with the models that are available. There are many factors playing

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The Next Generation

The next generation of technology is coming. A single device to be used on the go and in the office. Lenovo will be releasing the new ThinkPad X1 Fold in mid-2020. The folding screen allows for complete versatility on the road with the power of a full laptop. When in the office, can be attached

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Windows 7 – Say GoodBye

The end of life for Windows 7 and Server 2008 is coming up. As of January 10, 2020, Microsoft will no longer be creating any further security updates for these products. Any computers still running Windows 7, will need to be upgraded or replaced with Windows 10 before this date. Windows 7 will still function

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Service Rate Changes

Recently we have made changes to our service rates, that have not changed in a long time. Though most of our clients are contracted, most of the changes are for those that still do not have an active support contract. We will continue to give our contracted clients priority support, over any non-contracted support requests.

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Is your website secure?

We do not maintain your website, but we want to make sure all aspects of your business are secure. In the past https was only needed to keep online transactions secure or personal information being entered on your site. Starting in July Google will be requiring all sites to be secure using https. This requires

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Trusted Email Messages From Office 365

Recently we have seen a number of different phishing messages trying to look like they are coming from Office 365. Please see the examples below and make sure to ignore and delete any message you are not sure of. If in doubt, you always can log directly into your Office 365 account to see if

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Computer Equipment Disposal & Recycling

We are frequently asked how to dispose of old computers and other electronic equipment. We are a strong believer in disposing of this equipment properly. We recently have spoken to the Aurum Recovery Group out of Goffstown NH. They provide environmental friendly recycling services. They are a large enough company to handle all of your

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Our Response to WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Please read entire article and pass onto your users. With all the news about the Friday attacks around the world, we wanted to update all of you with the details. This Malware is taking advantage of the alleged NSA exploit called ETERNALBLUE that was leaked online last month by the hacker group known as The Shadow

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