Computer Equipment Disposal & Recycling

We are frequently asked how to dispose of old computers and other electronic equipment. We are a strong believer in disposing of this equipment properly. We recently have spoken to the Aurum Recovery Group out of Goffstown NH. They provide environmental friendly recycling services. They are a large enough company to handle all of your disposal needs. They have free drop-off at their Goffstown location, by appointment, and also provide pick-up services. Minimal fees may apply for coming to your location, please contact them for details. They will also provide on-site boxes if you want to offer a collection day to employees, they would then come back to pick-up the boxes once they are filled. They will cover within 2 hours of their location and are in the Concord area on a regular basis.

Our Services

As well as all office electronic equipment, computers, servers, monitors, printers and copiers. They also will take air conditioners. Fees apply for these and older large CRT monitors. Any associated wires, cables, and peripheral devices are also taken.

When disposing of computers and servers, you will want to also make sure your data is disposed of properly. Please specify what you desire for hard drive data destruction. It can be basic disposal or they will also provide a certificate of destruction, that shows the associated serial numbers of the equipment. They will provide locking containers for transport of sensitive data components. Fees apply for these types of services.

They can be contacted at 603-935-8330. You also can e-mail Rachel Dallman at [email protected] to schedule a pick-up. Please contact us if you are looking for services outside of their covered area. We can assist you with finding a local recycling company.