Implied Networks offers many solutions to fit your company's individual needs. These are just some of the projects that we can do for you. We take pride in keeping end user down time to a minimum during any project we perform.

Click on the sections below to learn more about the variety of solutions we can provide to your business.
Firewall Security

The first place to start securing any network is at the perimeter. We believe that using a high-quality product alongside Unified Threat Management services is essential. Our solution is the Fortinet FortiGate firewall in order to protect your network from the dangers of the Internet and end-users. All Internet traffic is scanned, blocking threats before harming your network devices. Contact us to learn more about the importance of securing your business or organization's network.

Remote Secure Access for Employees

There are many options for connecting back to the office when you're on the move. Our team will design the best solution for your individual needs when it comes to getting work done from anywhere. Whether it be a secure VPN connection directly to your office network or remote access to a single computer through our web-based monitoring service, we will find the best solution to fit your needs.

Multi-Site Installations (Connecting multiple office locations)

Do you have multiple office locations or permanent remote workers? We will setup a secure site-to-site wide area network so that everyone is connected to the resources they need. We can build your own private cloud for secure off-site backup to your remote site as well. Contact us to find how this can work for you.

Server Consolidation & Virtualization

There are advantages, even with small networks, to virtualizing your servers. Using Microsoft's Hyper-V technology, we can simplify your server needs. Using only one physical server to host multiple virtual servers saves time, money and space. It also makes it easier for disaster recovery and moving to new hardware in the future.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Service Implementation

There are many advantages to utilizing "The Cloud". Using the Microsoft 365 services, smaller businesses can eliminate the need to purchase on-site servers. However, others can use it to compliment their existing on-site network. Whatever the case, our team will design the right solution that will best fit your business. Using the cloud also turns the purchase of depreciating assets into an ongoing deductible operating expense.

Workstation Upgrades & Replacement

At Implied Networks we have partnered with Lenovo to deliver the most dependable computers, laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets. Their business class "Think" products have all the power needed to get the job done. Visit our product selection and contact us to get a quote for product purchases.

Office Relocation

If you need to move your business, we will assist you in planning how to move your technology infrastructure to a new location. We have the know-how to assist with everything from office layout and cabling needs, to getting the proper data and Internet connections in place in time for your move. Our team will move all of your equipment and have it running so you can be up and working in the shortest time possible.

Phone System Replacement (Hosted VoIP Solutions)

Partnering with Stratus Telecom, Implied has what you need to replace your aging phone system. Utilizing VoIP technology we can connect all of your employees no matter where they are. We can also provide Internet fax solutions.