Is your website secure?

We do not maintain your website, but we want to make sure all aspects of your business are secure. In the past https was only needed to keep online transactions secure or personal information being entered on your site. Starting in July Google will be requiring all sites to be secure using https. This requires a proper SSL certificate to be installed on your website. You will want to make sure you get this done soon. I believe it will eventually be a requirement, beyond Google.

You will want to bring this up with whoever maintains your website. You can test your website now, by going to it and seeing if the address bar shows, which is unsecure, or , which is secure.

We are always available to our customers to answer any additional questions, with the steps you need to take.

From GoDaddy’s announcement.

“In July, Google Chrome is making it official: If your site doesn’t have a security certificate, visitors will see this warning. SSL is not only the right thing to do for them, it’s also great for boosting search rankings and getting more traffic to your site.”