Windows 7 – Say GoodBye

The end of life for Windows 7 and Server 2008 is coming up. As of January 10, 2020, Microsoft will no longer be creating any further security updates for these products. Any computers still running Windows 7, will need to be upgraded or replaced with Windows 10 before this date. Windows 7 will still function after this date, it will just become more vulnerable to threats as time goes on.
Our hardware recommendations for Windows 10 is 8gb of memory and a solid state hard drive. Which we are quoting for all new systems. Any computer 5 years old or newer can be upgraded, for approximately half the cost. Which will give you another few years with the hardware.

As of today, we still have approximately 134 computers and 4 servers still running these operating systems with our contracted customers. This gives us 4 months to get everything replaced. We will be communicating with you all and providing estimates to get these completed as soon as possible. You will soon receive a separate email with how many devices you currently have.

Non-contracted customers, we will work with to replace these devices. But, we cannot guarantee they will be replaced before the date above. Please contact us immediately to start developing a plan.

We always appreciate your business.
Implied Networks, LLC