Windows 7 Support Has Ended

As of today, January 14th, 2020, Microsoft has ended the support for the Windows 7 operating system. Security updates will no longer be avaialble. We still have some customers with these devices running. If we have sent you a quote for replacements, please respond as soon as possible. The availability of certain models of Lenovo computers is currently low. We are working to order what we can, when they become available. But only if you have given us the approval on your previous quote.

We will work with all our remaining customers to get things replaced or upgraded as soon as we can. As previously mentioned, any computer older than 5 years and still running Windows 7, should be replaced. Any computers newer than that, we can still upgrade for you.

As this date goes by, we predict users will start having a harder time accessing certain websites. Especially secure sites for banking, finances, or medical. As these sites start to block outdated, less secure systems.
Microsoft has released an extended update license for their Open License customers, but we do not see this a proper resolution to offer our customers.

Chris Blanchard
Implied Networks, LLC