SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack – Update

You may have seen in the news, the most recent Cyber Attack on the United States, referencing the SolarWinds Orion systems being compromised. This has also been referred to as the “SUNBURST Attack”. As many of you know, Implied Networks does use SolarWinds products to monitor your computers and networks. We want to assure you we are on top of this and have been assured that none of the “SolarWinds MSP Products” we use have been affected. We do not use their Orion products with any of our customers.

As a further security measure SolarWinds made the decision to digitally re-sign some of their MSP products with a new digital certificate. This includes some of the products we use, SolarWinds RMM, SolarWinds Backup, and SolarWinds Take Control. The SolarWinds Mail Assure product will not need to be updated.
Implied Networks has pushed out the most recent version of these products, with the certificate update, to your systems. To make sure that you see no issues with these recent changes.

As part of our commitment to providing our customers the best security protection we can, we have always used multiple layers of protection with different providers. Each of them has posted their response to this matter. VIPRE is also blocking the SolarWinds Orion versions that have been compromised.

SolarWinds Security Advisory – You will see the “SolarWinds MSP Products” are not affected.
Security Advisory | SolarWinds

VIPRE Endpoint Security
Aftermath : Solarwinds Supply Chain Attack – VIPRE Labs

Microsoft and Microsoft 365
Important steps for customers to protect themselves from recent nation-state cyberattacks – Microsoft On the Issues

Fortinet – FortiGuard
FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Brief – December 18, 2020 | FortiGuard

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further concerns. We always stay on top of keeping your systems updated with the most recent threat definitions and version updates. All updates are usually related to protecting you from different vulnerabilities that have been identified in the different systems that you use.

Chris Blanchard
Implied Networks, LLC